Blogging at its finest

We all know how shit I’ve been at writing this blog (excuse the language, relatives). I had the best intentions of spending every day journaling about my world travels, but what has actually happened is that I am currently on a rickety old bus on the west coast of Canada on my way to Tofino risking the ill effects of car sickness to bring you this entry. Whereas ‘blog me’ is currently still in Toronto – my first stop in North America over a month ago. Meanwhile, ‘Instagram and Facebook me’ is in Vancouver about 3 days ago. It’s hard keeping track of what time zone I’m in and what tense I should be writing. I’m practically Doctor Who with all this jumping back and forth in time.

I’ll be the first to admit writing a blog is tough and it’s a huge time commitment. I do enjoy writing it though…sort of. Maybe if I was on the road longer or I wasn’t in each spot for such a short amount of time then I would write more often. Maybe if I had learned how to use my new macbook or how to use wordpress then you would be enjoying a bi-weekly update of my travels. But the long and short of it is, I’m kind of slow at writing and always find something better to do instead. Whether it be making a new friend, exploring an unfamiliar part of town or catching up with friends over a pint. Sleep is up there on my list of priorities too. So is food and drink and seeing and doing cool stuff. It’s also difficult to put yourself out there because you want to sound cool and edgy which is sort of tough when you’re not.
Anyway, from now on, I am going to make a more concerted effort. Shorter posts. More photos. More frequent posts. I’ve maybe not made the best start, but I’ll try my best to have a strong finish. Just like my running style.

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